New Empire attended 2017 Mumbai EB-5 & Investment Immigration Expo October 4-5

As the one of the fastest growing EB-5 market around the world, there were more than 50% of increment on the number of EB-5 investors who finally get visas in India just during 2014 to 2016. It is a safe prediction that there will be record high number of EB-5 applications with this year. In order to achieve their American dreams, many investors from India is deciding to invest half million dollars into projects based in USA and anticipating those projects will create more jobs which will incite the growth of American economy.

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The reason Indian investors began to focus on EB-5 program is the dramatically increasing yearn of the new generation in India to come to USA to get advanced education and work opportunities. Since UK had announced to be independent from EU, one can see a significant drop of 44% on application number of UK education. For now, gradually, people in India are shifting their attention regarding advanced education from UK to north America area. According to the static conducted by International Education committee, mere in 2015 to 2016, application to American higher education had increased over 30%. Due to H-1B, a lottery system, is the only way to acquire short term residence and work validation for all internal students, logically more families are moving EB-5 programs, especially the half million one, inside their consideration, which they firmly believe is a viable investment for their descendant’s future.

Very likely, Indian GDP will increase to the point of 7% in 2017, which will definitely further amplify the number of wealthy families intending to emigrate to USA. Although the significant increment is showing, comparing with other countries like China, India is still a huge waiting -for-developing market for EB-5.

Mumbai, a great city as well as the biggest harbor city in India, was just awarded as the sixth biggest metropolitan area of the world in 2015. It has the biggest harbors and most critical transportation in India, named “Western Doorway of India”. There is 19 million population in Mumbai and occupies 5% of total GDP, 25% of national industry, 40% of international business, 70% of cash and capital flow. Mumbai contributes 60% of custom tax of whole India. Mumbai to India is similar with London to UK, New York to US and Hong Kong or Shanghai to China. Moreover, Mumbai is the capital of business and entertainment in India, containing important financial institution such as RBI, BSE, NSE, as well as many headquarters of Indian companies.

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By all means, on Oct 4-5 2017, New Empire Corp and New Empire EB5 Regional Center LLC attended on this great event, 2017 Mumbai EB-5 & Investment Immigration Expo at The St. Regis Mumbai, to learn the immigration market in India deeper and make valuable network there. New Empire was as major sponsor and exhibitor in the showcase with booth 10. Other entities who attended to this event included immigration agencies, attorneys, regional centers, developers, and more from coast to coast. 

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